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We are writing to inform consumers of the poor workmanship of out $65,000 Anthony Sylvan pool. We contracted with Anthony Sylvan in 2007 and the pool was completed in November then closed for the season. We first swam in the pool summer 2008. The following year our tiles started to fall off and we had our tile guy fix them because it was only a few. The following summer it continued to happen and we decided to contact Anthony Sylvan to come fix them. They came out and replaced some tiles however this continued to happen summer after... Read more

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Today I received a mailing from AnthonySylvan, which stated 'built for life'. Although my 10 year old gunite pool was demolished in 2005, I still have bad memories of my experience with the company. Although the pool's warranty stated the pool was guaranteed to hold water, my pool leaked from day 1. It was eventually determined that there was a crack in the wall behind the tile line. After much back and forth with the company, I was informed a team would be at my home to repair the problem. The night before they were scheduled, I received a... Read more

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Our Anthony and Sylvan Pool is 10 years old and has had 2 major leaks during this time. Getting the warranty service for both leaks was a tremendous headache. The most recent leak started 2 years ago this month (11/2015) and it took almost 18 months to get the warranty work completed. Once it appeared to be fixed, the repair work on the pool deck started to come loose. It took another 2 months and 3 tries to get the pool deck correct and now the pool is leaking even worse that when it started 2 years ago (3rd leak). Anthony Sylvan sent out the... Read more

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Horrible.. Dont let them sell you. Neighbor still isnt finished after monthd. They tapped into my water to the tune of almost 600 bucks without even telling me. Sending them the bill now... Sorry company that outsources like the others. Do not let them sell you! Add comment

I must say this is been the absolute worst experience I've ever had with a contractor and regret using this company. First of all they tell you that their employees are on staff and they are not ...they use mostly subcontractors.. Who don't show up on the right date and don't return phone calls . Their salesman will keep your great lipservice and tell you how wonderful they are but in reality he over cells and they wait on that delive their salesman will keep you great lipservice and tell you how wonderful they are but in reality... Read more

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Anthony Sylvan - Punctured plumbing not repaired
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Anthony and Sylvan punctured plumbing line during construction, failed to investigate when I complained leading to lots of cleaning and damage to Nature 2 cartridge, filter, etc. Still won't own up to this damage or other problems. Is this the kind of company you want building your pool/ They have 1 contractor serving multiple states so he never sees most of the projects and project managers are also rarely there. Just the subs who don't appear to get blueprints or instructions or pass on to the manager exactly what they did and where. ... Read more

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Me experience ended in the showroom with the arrogant money hungry elitist salesman who spoke down to me because he assumed I couldn't afford their overpriced poorly constructed piece of ***×! Add comment

I have my pool built by Anthony Sylvan, and the sale guy told me they are the best in the world with life time warranty. So I built a pool with a spa. My spa was leaking right after it was finished, the filter always leaks. At first, they managed to get a service guy came out a few times, he managed to make the leaking not noticeable, but it still there. I was tiered dealing with them, so I replaced a o-ring for the pool filter, that fixed the filter leaking issue, but the SPA leaks are still not fixed. Now it is getting worse daily, and it is... Read more

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Had a pool built 2 years ago by Anthony Sylvan pools in Charlotte, NC. After the pool decking cement was re-poured due to sinking,...we are still waiting to pass the final inspection(1 year later) which we failed due to step heights not being to code. Company said in Jan 2014 it would be taken care of.....still waiting. Also code requires fencing around back wall, railings down steps. Still not done! Now light doesn't work. Notified company, said they would take care of the problems...still waiting. Phone calls useless! Same story "we'll take... Read more

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Never use Anthony sylvan pools. What a horrible experience and it's not over yet!!!11 months have passed since contracts were signed. We have a brand new pool that is leaking. We have a brand new pool with the wrong diving board jig installed. It has been 2 weeks that my emails have been ignored regarding the diving board, there simply not responding. I cannot get a C/O so I cannot use the pool. They have there contracts worded in a way that you pay them 100% of there money before the pool is completed. They have been out 3 times to... Read more

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