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Words cannot describe how frustrated I am with this company. We contracted for our pool over a year ago in order to get a spring installation. To date, our pool is not completed. While they laid out the pool in March and we were told 3 weeks to start, they actually didn't start until June. It has been delay after delay, excuse after excuse, and now we aren't even getting responses. And when it's brought up to the project manager, you get... Read more

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They came and put a new pump and motor and I tryed to vacuum my pool and I have no pressure no water is coming up in the hose not happy camper right now

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Anthony Sylvan built my pool 18 years ago and did a good job, but failed to deliver on time due to a lot of rain day delays, however  they compensated by delivering a  gift certificate to be used at their local store. They also had a custmere service department like every other major contractor or coorperation .  This spring i used them again for restoring  my pool  and had no problems with the subcontractors who... Read more

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Im satisfied with my pool however I was the project manager. I had to be on them every step of the way. They never answer any calls, never get back to you. The salesmen was a complete liar. His name is Ron Deleo. He promised the world and never delivered. Never answered his phone again. I reached Corey Coughenour, a manager who was a complete ***. Knows absolutely nothing about his industry. I would pay double just not to deal with these people... Read more

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I had Anthony Sylvan build my pool. The process took 6 months longer than they said it would. I am satisfied with the pool. My complaint is their customer service. I can NEVER reach them on the phone. When I do finally reach someone, they give me the run-around and seem reluctant to service their product. I would highly recommend you seek a quality local pool builder, as I expect you would get better service. I would never recommend... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Sales people are irreponsible and do not follow through. They fail to keep appointments and misrepresent thenselves. Quality is poor and expensive

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No response to my letter... Dear Executive, Let me tell you about my recent experience from a long time owner (2 pools) And huge referrer. I called to arrange my opening and closing for this year. My opening was yesterday. Prior to that I called to arrange payment for both ($1000). That gave me a discount. The technician came yesterday and left my pool dirty. "You didn't arrange a cleaning beforehand" my fiancé was told since I was at work.... Read more

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I am extremely disappointed with them. They seem to think that nobody works and they can pop in and work on pool whenever. They never answer phone calls! Never return messages left. I have had a giant hole in my backyard since October 2015, it is now May 2016. NOT FINISHED YET! Nobody seems to care about the consumer. They have my entire payment and i have a hole in the ground. I have cried a lot up to this point and again today! Read more

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We are writing to inform consumers of the poor workmanship of out $65,000 Anthony Sylvan pool. We contracted with Anthony Sylvan in 2007 and the pool was completed in November then closed for the season. We first swam in the pool summer 2008. The following year our tiles started to fall off and we had our tile guy fix them because it was only a few. The following summer it continued to happen and we decided to contact Anthony Sylvan to come... Read more

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Today I received a mailing from AnthonySylvan, which stated 'built for life'. Although my 10 year old gunite pool was demolished in 2005, I still have bad memories of my experience with the company. Although the pool's warranty stated the pool was guaranteed to hold water, my pool leaked from day 1. It was eventually determined that there was a crack in the wall behind the tile line. After much back and forth with the company, I was informed... Read more

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